Delhi: Higher Education Directorate asks colleges to suspend appointments until governing bodies are formed

In a step that could create further tensions between the Delhi government and its Delhi University-funded colleges (DU), the Higher Education Directorate (DHE) has written to institutions asking them not to take any appointments. until the governing bodies (GB) of the colleges are constituted.

An official decree was issued by Vinay Kaushik, deputy director, DHE on December 3 to colleges. There are a total of 28 such colleges, twelve of which are fully funded by the Delhi government. Many of these colleges operate with truncated governing bodies – a point of contention between DU and the Delhi government.

“It has been found that many of the colleges in the University of Delhi funded (fully / partially) by the Delhi government are in the process of making appointments without notification from the duly constituted governing bodies of the college,” the order said.

“Therefore, you are hereby requested that no appointment should be made until the notified governing bodies are formed in the colleges,” he added.

DU Teachers Association (DUTA) chairman AK Bhagi strongly criticized the order, saying it could create problems for ad hoc professors who were due to join colleges from Saturday.

“The government sponsored program of the AAP to ruin and destroy government funded colleges in Delhi is clear from the letter. The government “cut in funds” now says there are no appointments, therefore no courses, “he said.

College directors have also expressed apprehension about the diktat. “The central government has pressured DU to make permanent appointments and this letter will block the whole process. Second, I don’t know what the government’s intention is, but it will also block the process of ad hoc and contractual appointments. Their mandate must be extended because they are appointed for a fixed term. The commitments of contractors, for example, must be renewed on Tuesday. I don’t think I will be able to do it now, ”said the principal of a fully funded college.

“The formation of governing bodies is to be carried out by DU and the Delhi government. Colleges have no role to play in this regard. What can we do? But the impact of the letter will be on the colleges. We are the victims, ”added the director.

The principal of another college said he assumed the purpose of the letter was only to stop permanent appointments. “We will write to the DHE to let them know that we are making temporary appointments against the sanctioned positions so that the students’ learning process is not affected. I think the DHE will not interpret the order in a different way from ours.

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