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Barb McKinney, cook at Doddridge County Middle School, helped prepare meals for distance learning students. The county recently received nearly $ 500,000 in funding to help provide meals for students and their families. (Photo provided)

WEST UNION – Schools in Doddridge County recently received approximately $ 500,000 in block grants for the distribution of meals to students.

The announcement was in Superintendent Adam Cheeseman’s September newsletter and with these funds, students and their families will be offered meals.

“Students need to focus on their studies, not when their next meal might come. The pandemic has disrupted the income of many households in our county and this subsidy will guarantee our families nutritious meals ”, he said.

The block grant, from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, was made possible through the efforts of Brad Riffee, executive director of United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties, Cheeseman said.

School system officials always make a plan for exactly how funds will be used to make meals accessible.

During the distance learning periods, the cooks prepared the meals and the bus drivers helped deliver them to the students.

“Fortunately, this year we are at school. Our students sit in front of our teachers, play sports and spend time with their friends ”, Cheeseman said. “Every day, I come to work with a deep appreciation for our community. With all the challenges we face, we are able to keep what matters most: our children. “

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