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Eight Stony Brook University students have been recognized by the State Department’s prestigious Fulbright US Student Program, a highly competitive scholarship opportunity that provides funding for US students to conduct research or teach English in more than 140 countries abroad.

The Fulbright Program, which was established by US Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946, provides grants annually for international research and education to foster global partnership and cultural exchange.

This year’s Fulbright winners are: Taylor Esposito, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, Estonia; Kenneth Ferraro, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, Taiwan; Tye Haynes Bustos, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, Brazil; Michael Incardona, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, Spain; Delicia Kamins, Fulbright Fellowship, Germany; Nasir Stovall, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, Taiwan; Perri Zilberman, Fulbright Fellowship, Germany; and Niko Ziozis, Fulbright Research Award, India. Esposito, Incardona and Haynes are the first recipients of the English Teaching Assistant Awards in their respective countries.

Alternates are: Amelia Camino, Fulbright Research Award, Sweden; Jamila Khanfri, Fulbright Fellowship, Belgium; Lily Liu, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, South Korea; Claudia Motley, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, South Korea; Sachin Patnaik, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award, Taiwan; and Ajmain Yamin, Fulbright Research Award Hungary.

“This group of applicants was particularly remarkable in the way they came together to support each other as a cohort. 2020 has been a year of uncertainty for all of us and it is this sense of community and common purpose that has brought the 54 SBU candidates to the finish line, ”said Jennifer Green, Director scholarship counseling and professional development for the Graduate School. “While I am delighted for the recipients, I am very proud of our nominees’ engagement in the process as a whole, and many of those who were ultimately unsuccessful for Fulbright benefited from what they did. learned about writing proposals to successfully apply to other opportunities. “

“We are especially proud of these Fulbright nominees after such a difficult year,” said Kathleen Flint Ehm, Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Initiatives. “Not only did they persevere in such uncertainty, but they prospered. I’m excited to see where these skills can take them, next year and beyond.

“What an invigorating experience it was to log into Zoom and meet this year’s batch of Stony Brook Fulbright nominees,” said Erika Honisch, music teacher and member of the Fulbright Campus Committee. “I remembered how remarkable, disciplined and optimistic our students are even under the most difficult of circumstances. Not only are our candidates ambitious, creative and tenacious, but they are also human: eager to reach out and build relationships with people all over the world. “

Read the profiles of each of the eight winners on the following pages:

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