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We live in a time when the word “election” has become an important part of daily life, not only in the weeks leading up to the election, but most of the year.

But in the days before “out of year” elections – the years when most state and federal offices do not appear on the ballots – the importance of the ballot to municipal offices at the local level rarely receives the kind of attention that is truly warranted.

Of course, there are signs promoting various candidates, but the vital nature of such elections in general is not given the kind of emphasis they should be given – not repeated over and over again, like what really is. deserved.

Today’s general election is one of those elections considered “Outside the year”, but at the same time, unfortunately, in second place behind opinions, polls and projections already underway for 2022 ” mid Road “ ballot for state legislative and congressional offices and some governorate seats.

Word ” mid Road “ is used to describe the midpoint between presidential elections.

However, the municipal election which is taking place today is very important for a major reason: The offices that will be decided are the closest to the people and to their daily lives.

The election results will determine the directions local governments and school districts take at least for the next two years, perhaps longer. Today’s results will impact project decisions and even the taxation and fees that will be associated with those decisions.

For some municipalities and school systems, today’s final counts will determine whether there is harmony – or disharmony – in municipal decision-making and operations and to what extent the sentiments of the public will be received and taken into account.

Today’s election is a “out of year” but it is not a lean year in terms of possible ramifications, both negative and positive.

Not voting can be a serious mistake, if a less qualified candidate manages to win the election by a handful of votes because no-shows mistakenly assumed that the best candidate was destined to win by a significant margin.

Use of the term “out of year” it is then a terrible characterization of all that is at stake today.

Consider the current lineup of municipal offices up for grabs, but there are also county-wide offices on the ballot – district attorney, sheriff and prothonotary and court clerk – as well as school board member positions. . In addition, voters will decide matters relating to the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, a statewide exception to the local-level concentration focuses on state courts of appeal, where voters are invited to make decisions regarding supreme, superior and provincial courts. Commonwealth.

At the municipal level, however, we will first focus on the largest and most populous municipality in Blair County – Altoona – where four council seats will be filled and an equal number of seats will be filled in the School Board of the Altoona region.

Similar situations are true in the boroughs and townships of the county, where the competitions of councils, mayors and supervisors will be part of the decided offices – and the voters of these municipalities will also elect the members of the school board and add their contribution concerning the state court races.

Thus, the term “out of year” is really a misnomer because it downplays the important responsibility voters should feel obligated to shoulder.

Whether by mail, correspondence or by voting in person, the decision of each voter counts in a significant way.

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