Objective of the program

ECLIPSE is a program of the New Mexico Department of Public Education (NMPED) and the Division of Special Education (SED). It deals with indicator 17 of the state performance plan, a federal component of IDEA B under general supervision. Indicator 17 is a results-based accountability requirement that applies to all local education agencies. The goal of ECLIPSE is to improve the literacy of children with disabilities from Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Support layers

School teams (including special education K-3, their general education partners and school principals) receive coaching and targeted assistance to support evidence-based practices, including: the implementation of State-wide structured literacy initiatives; collaboration of teachers; data literacy; family commitment; and training in the cycles of observation, coaching and feedback of leadership.

Vision, mission, objectives and values


All students with disabilities in New Mexico are engaged in a high quality curriculum and education that leads to the development of lifelong literacy skills.


ECLIPSE works with educators, communities and families to ensure that students with disabilities receive individualized and comprehensive literacy instruction with measurable results.


Increase the reading skills of students with disabilities in Kindergarten to Grade 3, as measured by statewide standardized reading assessments.


We strive to be student-centered, collaborative, responsive, inclusive and innovative.


ECLIPSE supports 77 schools, including 40 schools across New Mexico and 27 APS schools.


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Lisa Creecy [email protected] (505) 490-2458 and Mary Chappell [email protected] (505) 690-7237