George Clooney Helps Launch LA Public High School To Train Students For Jobs In Hollywood

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Hollywood gives back to Los Angeles public schools.

On Monday, according to the New York Times, the Los Angeles Unified School District unveiled a new specialty magnetic school launched with funding from George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Eva Longoria and executives from the Creative Arts Agency.

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The Roybal School of Film and Television Production, housed within the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, will open in fall 2022 with a budget of $ 7 million and an initial enrollment of 120 students.

Clooney first pitched the idea to CAA co-chair Bryan Lourd, who got district officials to agree to the plan in just days.

“We thought it would be a much longer process,” Clooney told the NYT, “but we found we were pushing an open door.”

He added, “No one is better at blaming a studio, union or guild for escalating. This is what we do.

The school will help develop in students from underserved communities the skills necessary to succeed in the Hollywood film and television industry.

“We are unblocking for the first time in Los Angeles a whole body of community members who historically have not been engaged in our public schools,” said Austin Beutner, a makeshift investor and school principal. “Our students don’t live next to makeup artists and set designers, nor do they have family friends who are actors or songwriters. People who don’t walk a mile for them don’t understand the difference it can make – just the feeling that they belong and that these are things they could do too.

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Clooney also said Deadline, “Our goal is to better reflect the diversity of our country. It means starting early. It means creating high school programs that teach young people about cameras, editing, visual effects and sound and all the career opportunities this industry has to offer. This means internships that lead to well-paying careers. It means understanding that we are all in the same boat.

The announcement of the new school came a week after music producers Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine announced plans for a similar specialty school in South Los Angeles focused on music.

These types of schools, supported by philanthropy, have come under criticism, however.

Sarah Reckhow, an educational philanthropy expert at Michigan State University, told the NYT of the kind of influence wealthy individuals can have on school systems: “It’s very typical and very uneven and it often only makes it worse. other inequalities.

Beutner said, however, that his work to create career-linked magnetic schools can provide a “margin of excellence beyond what public funding can do.”

“It’s about making the educational part of the day relevant, integrating these skills into the program and linking them to a job. “

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