Hudsonville Public Schools inaugurate new school

Public Schools in Hudsonville, the largest school district in Ottawa County, are constructing a new school building.

A revolution took place last week for the new 5/6 Middle / Upper Elementary School building which will be adjacent to Baldwin Middle School and Bauer Elementary School, located on the north side of the school district.

The new school is designed to meet space issues and the continued growth expectations of the student body. Hudsonville Public Schools add nearly 125 students each school year.

Currently, Bauer Elementary School teaches students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, and students from Grades 6 to 8 attend Baldwin Middle School. Once the 5/6 Middle / Upper Elementary School building is completed, fifth and sixth graders will enroll in the new school.

This will allow Kindergarten to Grade 4 students to attend Bauer Elementary School and Grade 7 and Eight students at Baldwin Middle School.

The new school will accommodate up to 700 students and will include educational technology equipment and flexible furniture. It will also serve as the entrance to an open central common space connecting the media center, cafeteria and gymnasium.

The new building is part of the district’s long-term master plan and a requirement approved in 2019 to address space issues in adjacent elementary and middle schools.

GMB Architecture + Engineering provided the designs and Owen-Ames-Kimball is in the process of constructing the building.

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