InnerPlant acquires $ 5.65 million. financing with the participation of TAU Ventures

InnerPlant, a pioneering company in living plant sensor ideas and developments, has received $ 5.65 million in funding with the participation of companies from Tel Aviv University and other companies, said on Friday. A press release. Nimrod Cohen, Managing Partner of TAU Ventures, said: “InnerPlant has real potential to become a great company that will impact one of the biggest problems in the world. TAU Ventures is Israel’s premier university venture capital fund, according to its website. Founded in 2018, InnerPlant aims to help farmers by developing genetically adapted living sensors to grow plants in a more sustainable way. This would reduce the dependence of farmers on pesticides and fertilizers. InnerPlant also adds safe proteins to enhance the abilities of certain plants. So when plants are thirsty or lacking in nutrients, they generate different optical signals visible in daylight using common optical filters on several different devices. InnerPlant funding is led by MS&AD Ventures, and with these new investments, may provide opportunities to develop plant-based products for crop risk management and food supply chains. “Allowing crops to express their needs is finally bringing the data revolution to the farmers’ field in a way that fits the way they already work,” said Shely Aronov, CEO and founder of InnerPlant.

“Rather than putting equipment in the fields, farmers continue to plant crops as they always have and our platform extracts data directly from individual plants,” Aronov continued.

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