Iowa State University receives funding to purchase 3D printer for low-cost home building

The Iowa Economic Development Authority has approved $ 1.4 million for the Iowa State University College of Design to purchase a 3D printer capable of producing concrete houses. The college’s goal is to build a neighborhood of 34 3D-printed homes in a southwestern Iowa town recovering from flood damage, according to the Register of Monks. Debi Durham, the Iowa Economic Development Authority, said the college will also help develop an entrepreneur training program on 3D printing and state building codes to enable more widespread use of printing. 3D for building houses in Iowa.

“Obviously, we need to find a way to shift the affordable housing cost curve,” Durham told the board. “I’m really excited for this. We have a long way to go to advance the affordable housing needle because we have a lot to learn. “

Pete Evans, assistant professor of industrial design at ISU, said 3D printed homes offer significant savings because they can be completed in a week or two. It can take months to build a house using traditional methods.

The concrete used in 3D printed structures also offers more durability and resilience than timber frame homes, Evans said.

Elsewhere in the country, some communities are adopting the new technology. In Austin, Texas, homebuilder Lennar and ICON, a Texas-based construction company specializing in 3D printed structures, are building 100 3D printed one-story homes in what is considered the largest development of its kind in the world, according to CNN.

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