Mankato Region Public School Board Limits Open Comments On Forum To Agenda Items

MANKATO, Minnesota (KEYC) – On Monday evening, public schools in the Mankato area began implementing a new rule that says residents can speak only on open forum agenda items.

The new rule was greeted with public comment.

“If you’re going to keep it on the agenda, that’s fine. You are trying to do business, ”said Kurt Shrader, a resident of Mankato. “But if you are going to do that, please make it clear when people can come and talk about items that are not on the agenda. “

Superintendent Paul Peterson said residents can still contact council by email or phone about items not on the agenda.

“So I know that our board members regularly discuss with parents and community members in cafes, over the phone, concerns and questions they have as a community member, and I know our board is committed to continuing to have these conversations, ”he said.

Peterson also said the board had discussions about the respectful comments at board meetings.

“And what our board chair did a few weeks ago was just make sure people know that personal attacks on board members, calling individual members of the district team, teachers, etc. weren’t allowed, weren’t allowed, “he added.

To contact school board members, visit the district website.

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