Ministry of Higher Education: Students Should Stay at Current Location, Classes Continue Online | Malaysia

A student attends an online course from his home during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Petaling Jaya on January 26, 2021. – Photo by Miera Zulyana

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 – The Ministry of Higher Education urged all students at higher education institutions to stay at their current location.

The ministry also encourages all teaching and learning to take place online.

“Students who are already on campus should stay on campus.

“Students who have not returned to campus should suspend all movement until a date is announced later.

“Students should stay in their respective localities and continue their online courses,” the ministry said today in a statement.

The ministry also said all students are to remain on campus and will only be allowed to leave campus with permission from the management of the respective TPIs in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOPs).

He also reminded the students that all activities involving physical presence are prohibited.

As for courses involving the use of a laboratory and equipment, they will only be authorized for individual use and with the authorization of the department heads following strict SOPs.

“The management of the IPT is responsible for ensuring that the SOPs are followed by all students.

“As for students outside the campus who are involved in research activities and who need to use a laboratory, they can request permission from the IPT management to enter the campus premises,” added the Ministry.

For academic staff, all must work from home.

“Attendance at the office will only be allowed for work that cannot be done at home.

“No more than 20 percent of academic and non-academic staff are allowed to be present at their respective TPIs and for a maximum of four hours.

“Academic and non-academic staff are not allowed to be in their office unless they need a certain facility and make a formal request,” the ministry said.

As for meetings, they must all take place online.

All extracurricular club, association and group activities will not be permitted.

This applies to social, religious, economic, sporting and recreational activities.

“Only individual sports and recreational activities are allowed and limited to jogging and exercise and there must be a physical distance of at least two to three meters,” the ministry said.

Other facilities such as banks, pharmacies, miscellaneous stores, laundromats and cafeterias are permitted to operate in accordance with SOPs and government authorized hours of operation.

“Only the packaging will be served in the cafeteria,” the ministry said.

These guidelines will be in effect throughout the lockdown from June 1 to 14.

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