New Partnership, $ 550,000 Grant to Help Link Higher Education to Workforce Needs in Kentucky

Complete College America (CCA) announced a $ 550,000 Lumina Foundation grant to help Kentucky students successfully transition from higher education to the workforce.

In response to the statewide imperative for Kentucky colleges and universities to dramatically increase student success and eliminate achievement gaps, CCA will partner with the Kentucky Council on Post Secondary Education (CPE) to work with two and four year institutions in the state. The grant will help the CCA implement its Purpose First strategies, which aim to create clear links between workforce needs, student courses and their career goals, especially for under-represented minorities.

“Kentucky has made great strides in connecting higher education degrees and diplomas to the workforce,” said Dr. Aaron Thompson, President of CPE. “Partnering with CCA to implement the Purpose First strategies in Kentucky will accelerate this work and lead to clearer pathways to gainful employment, especially for our minority and low-income students. I can’t wait to start work.

To ensure greater social mobility for low-income students, whether high school graduates or displaced workers, higher education institutions should provide relevant information associated with all careers and link academic pathways to all degree programs. ‘studies, clearly identifying the links between learning outcomes and professional skills. for students.

“We are very pleased to support this exciting new partnership between Complete College America and the Kentucky Council for Post Secondary Education,” said Debra Humphreys, vice president of the Lumina Foundation. “The work will build on the progress Kentucky has already made and ensure that all students have the guidance and support they need to choose a program of study that not only matches their personal goals and interests, but also to the demands of regional labor. “

Kentucky has been a member of the 48-member CCA alliance for 10 years. The alliance includes states, systems, institutional consortia and partner organizations taking bold steps to dramatically increase the number of students who successfully complete college.

“Engaging students with their choice of certificates or diplomas and highlighting the links between what they are learning and their future careers is crucial for student success, especially for low-income students, first generation students. , adult learners and minority students, ”said Dr. Yolanda Watson Spiva, CCA President. Complete College America looks forward to partnering with leaders in Kentucky’s higher education and workforce to develop strategies that will enhance the good work already underway and help more students achieve a degree. valuable.”

Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education

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