Optical Academy Celebrates Paterson Public School Grade 8 Class With Donation of Graduation Essentials

As the world closed its doors at the height of the pandemic, Optical Academy, headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, opened theirs up to the community by offering their office space and computers to anyone who did not have adequate resources for distance learning. The company has great value in education and admires students, educators and their families for adapting to the new learning methods imposed on them by the effects of the pandemic. Optical Academy is dedicated not only to providing extraordinary eye care, but also to being true leaders and caring for their New Jersey community.

CEO of the Optical Academy, Abby Ayoub, demonstrates her appreciation to the community by stating, “I am compassionate for what our families and communities are experiencing in this pandemic. Many have not received any resources other than what our schools could provide. Having partnered with NJEA Over the past 9 years, we have had the opportunity to see firsthand what our students and educators are going through on a daily basis. It is with great gratitude and love that we can work together to help our graduating class and lighten a less burden on them and their families. “.

Paterson Public School Number 3 educates many students living in homeless shelters in the Town of Paterson. Ayoub expresses: “I just can’t imagine a homeless student graduating being asked to buy their own cap and dresses. They deserve to be celebrated and to enjoy this great achievement. They are my heroes. “. She goes on to urge “all local providers to help in any way possible to support our little researchers and future community leaders.”

Hanan Elherawi, a passionate counselor at Paterson Public School, said her deep gratitude to the company, expressing: “During these times of financial hardship that many of us go through, actions like these say a lot about the true donors of our community. ” She goes on to thank the CEO on behalf of the entire grade 8 class, their educators, and their parents.

Background: Optical Academy offers cost-effective eye exams and eyewear in schools, workplaces, homes, and communities. They are the eye care industry leader on-site, serving the nation’s largest unions, including the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) in their home state. More information can be found at www.optical-academy.com or by calling 800-530-2730.

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