PhD programs suspend admissions during COVID

A pandemic turns out to be a bad time to get a doctorate in the humanities or social sciences.

Dozens of doctoral programs in schools across the country have announced that they will not be admitting new students for the next school year. This temporary break could have lasting effects.

Colleges and universities have a lot of extra costs these days: personal protective equipment, distance learning infrastructure, COVID-19 testing. And with fewer students on campus, they get less money. Schools “therefore make sure that they can financially fulfill their commitment to already enrolled students,” said Carla Hickman of EAB, an education consulting company.

One way to do this is to not admit new students. Princeton University sociologist Dalton Conley said it was his department’s decision regarding the doctorate. students.

“It made more sense to suspend admissions for a year and have those resources than to be killed by 1,000 small cuts,” he said.

But students from poorer backgrounds may not be able to wait for schools to start being admitted again, so they will pursue other careers. Suzanne Ortega, of the Graduate School Board, said it was bad for diversity.

“We are disrupting the shift from a more diverse undergraduate student pipeline to a less diverse student pipeline,” she said.

Even undergraduates are likely to feel the effects, said Gwen Chodur of the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students, especially at large state universities.

“When graduate students do the majority or almost the majority of undergraduate education, it could make it very difficult to continue providing the same quality of education,” Chodur said.

But this break could also give graduate programs time to change. Conley said with the field research on hold, “we need to rethink, we need to develop courses and programs, for example, in virtual ethnography.”

And that too will require resources.

Millions of Americans are unemployed, but companies say they are struggling to hire. Why?

This economic crisis is unusual compared to traditional recessions, according to Daniel Zhao, senior economist at Glassdoor. “Many workers are still not in the workforce due to health issues or childcare needs, making it difficult to find workers regardless of what you do with wages or benefits. social, ”Zhao said. “An extra dollar an hour won’t make a cashier with pre-existing conditions feel safe to return to work.” This can be seen in the restaurant industry: Some workers have quit or are reluctant to apply due to COVID-19 concerns, low wages, meager benefits and the stress that comes with a demanding, fast-paced job. The restaurants were arranged to offer signing bonuses and temporary salary increases. A McDonald’s is even pay people $ 50 just to interview.

Could renunciation of patents increase the global supply of COVID-19 vaccines?

India and South Africa have presented a proposal to temporarily suspend patents on COVID-19 vaccines. Supporters of the plan say it would increase the supply of vaccines around the world by allowing more countries to produce them. Skeptics say it is not that simple. There is now enough supply in the United States that any adult who wants to get vaccinated can get one soon. This reality is years for most other countries. More than 100 countries have supported the proposal to temporarily waive patents on the COVID-19 vaccine. The United States is not one of them, but the White House has said he considers the idea.

Can companies deny you entry if you don’t have a vaccination passport?

As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19 and the economy begins to reopen, some businesses are requiring proof of vaccination to enter their premises. The concept of the vaccine passport has raised ethical questions on data privacy and potential discrimination against unvaccinated people. However, legal experts say that companies to have the right to deny entry to those who cannot show proof.

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