Post-docs play an important role in the American higher education system

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Today we continue with our special thematic series on American higher education with a discussion on postgraduate studies. Postdoctoral programs are primarily research-based opportunities that are pursued after the completion of a doctoral / doctoral program.

Postdoctoral programs, also known for short as postdoc, are designed to give more in-depth research exposure to academics who have completed their doctoral studies. Since American universities place great importance on research, post-docs play an important role in the American higher education system. Usually employed in a department, laboratory, or research center of a US university, postdoctoral fellows contribute to ongoing research. These researchers may also have the option of continuing their own research. In both cases, postdoctoral fellows produce research papers and manuscripts, write grant proposals with other researchers, and present research at conferences, in addition to contributing to other processes within the unit. .

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Postdoctoral fellows generally have access to all or some academic resources, including libraries, computer labs, research equipment, archives, and other research resources available on campus. They may also attend research workshops, focus groups, trainings or other related activities on the university campus. Postdoctoral fellows also have many opportunities to interact and work with students and faculty in the department in which they are employed. International scholars can apply for postdoctoral opportunities available on US campuses either by applying for an open postdoctoral position or by connecting with the relevant faculty / laboratory where they wish to continue their research. Positions are usually advertised directly by the department, research center or laboratory on the university’s website, a job portal, or as part of a conference act. Many top universities in the United States have their own postgraduate programs with individualized applications and interview processes. Postdoctoral positions may also be part of an established exchange program. For a list of US government sponsored exchange programs, interested applicants can visit the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Exchange website ( Another way to find such visiting scholar positions is to network with US scholars who have published or presented at a conference in your field.

Most postdoctoral fellows are funded by the university, department or laboratory where they applied for the position. Funding for the position generally comes from the research project to which the researcher will contribute as part of his work. In some cases, where the programs are supported by the established exchange program, the researcher may be funded by the funding body or home institution of the researcher supporting the exchange program. The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) also offers the Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Fellowship to distinguished scholars and fellows. Interested applicants can visit the link below to find more details of the program

Postdoctoral Fellowships provide tremendous added value for researchers seeking research experience at US universities to create strong research profiles.

Monika Setia is Regional Manager and EducationUSA Advisor at the United States-India Educational Foundation based at the United States Consulate General in Hyderabad.

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Q1. I am applying to American universities for my master’s degree. How to check if an institution is accredited? – K Sunil

Accreditation is a process that validates the integrity of an educational institution. For the student, this is an indication that the institution or program meets certain standards of excellence. If the institute you attend is not accredited, your degree may not be recognized by employers, other universities, governments in other countries, or the Ministry of Education in your home country.

You can find out if a course or university is accredited by visiting the database of accredited programs and institutions published by the US Department of Education at or the Department of Homeland Security at https: // However, you should evaluate all aspects of a school’s offerings before making the decision to enroll.

Q2. My daughter is going to apply for her bachelor’s degree in the United States. Can you please explain what is ACT? – Arjun Kumar

The application process for undergraduate (bachelor’s) programs in the United States requires one or more standardized test scores. Test scores along with high school GPA and other factors are taken into account during the admissions process, as well as in scholarship decisions. The SAT reasoning test, SAT subject tests, ACT and AP exams are the testing options for undergraduate applicants.

The ACT measures students’ readiness for college through sections of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Scientific Reasoning, with an optional writing test. The test consists of multiple choice questions, with a total score ranging from a minimum score of 1 to a maximum score of 36. The total duration of the test is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. ACT is offered six times a year – February, April, June, July, September, October and December.

The types of tests accepted by universities vary, so it is important for students and parents to make sure to check the admissions page of selected universities before registering for the test.

For more information on ACT, please visit the following website:

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