Private schools are growing in popularity due to the effect of the pandemic on public schools

By Leslie Aguilar

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KCTV) – It has been a roller coaster ride for public schools for the past year and a half due to the pandemic and many parents are fed up with it.

Private schools in the Kansas City area are seeing increased interest in registrations from former families in public schools.

“We had an influx of public school students at Harvest Christian School,” said Winifred Edwards.

Edwards helps run both Harvest Christian School and the church. She is receiving more calls than ever from parents of prospective students in Kindergarten to Grade 8.

“Every day and I love it,” she said.

Many parents are just not confident in the public school setting after last year’s roller coaster ride. Some parents are unhappy with their district’s decisions about whether to require masks, worried about the likelihood of more quarantines, or simply want more individualized education for their children.

Nia Campbell is a teacher at Harvest Christian School and has new students in her class who have transferred from public school.

“One of the parents said they were kind of pushed into the shadows and the teacher didn’t pay them as much attention. So they came here to put them in a smaller class, ”Campbell said.

Campbell had to do blended education last year for a while when the city was on lockdown with its classes of around nine students.

She can’t imagine having to do it with a bigger class.

“Even with the small class sizes, it can get overwhelming at times. Because it was hard to teach someone who is virtual and watch it on camera and then have to change and walk around the classroom, ”she said.

It’s a similar story to Kansas City Academy, a private school for grades 6 to 12.

“Many parents have really learned a lot about how their children learn and in what types of environments they learn best during the pandemic, and have reached out to put them in a more supportive environment,” said the director of admissions, Martha Sanders.

Kansas City Academy currently has a waiting list for most age groups.

“It’s longer than usual and we have a waiting list for more grades than usual,” Sanders said.

The school has small class sizes, incorporates the arts into much of the curriculum, and requires masking despite 87% of students and staff being fully immunized.

“I feel very safe here and I just don’t want to be in one of those places where people are fighting for no masks. I really don’t want to be sick and I’ve heard of people who have contracted COVID and got really sick and I just don’t want anyone around me to experience it, ”said Baasil, a 11th grade student.

Baasil is new to the Kansas City Academy this year, but says he’s already the top pick of any other school he’s attended.

“When I raise my hand I can be called easily because instead of a one in 20 chance it’s like a one in one and six or one in 12 chance,” he said.

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