Pro-Lifers Call for Fauci’s Termination for NIH Funding for ‘Barbarian’ Research Involving Aborted Babies and Mice

America’s largest pro-life youth organization, Students for Life of America, met outside the National Institutes of Health headquarters in Bethesda, Md., On Thursday to call for the expert’s immediate resignation controversial infectious disease and White House public health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is also the head of the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The group claims Dr Fauci is guilty of funneling federal funds to the University of Pittsburgh, which is conducting “barbaric” research on aborted babies.

“Dr Fauci, as director of NIAID, authorized federal taxpayer dollars to fund what should be considered a criminal act that is currently taking place at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, researchers in Pitt’s medicine undergo a series of tests, “Stephanie Stone, regional director of Students for Life of America Mid-East, said during a speech, as reported by the Christian message.

“These tests involve taking the scalp of five-month-old aborted children and grafting them onto the backs of laboratory mice. The researchers then observed that the rats and mice grew human baby hair.”

Not only does Stone condemn the “barbaric” research involving aborted babies and mice, but she also describes the federal funding as “senseless misuse of taxpayer dollars” and “an absolutely heinous waste of precious human lives.”

She described the research as “absurd, immoral and shameful” and called for Dr Fauci’s termination because he was not only involved in the research, but he had allowed such practices to take place and have even channeled taxpayer funding toward the “unethical” “inhuman plan.”

Herb Geraghty, a University of Pittsburgh graduate and now executive director of non-profit human rights organization Rehumanize International, also addressed the crowd to condemn Dr Fauci’s involvement in the barbaric research involving aborted babies. He expressed his “shame” at having graduated from a university which engaged in “the most barbaric attacks on innocent human lives you can even imagine”.

Geraghty recounted how he saw photos in a report published on experiments showing aborted baby hair “growing on rodent backs.” He condemned the university’s experiments on unborn children up to 22 weeks gestation, pointing out how unborn babies at this age have “a beating heart and rapidly developing brain” and “can respond to stimuli. external “.

As pro-lifers rallied to demand Dr. Fauci’s termination over NIH funding for research involving aborted babies, those who marched carried “pink slips” and signs reading “Termination Notice: Fire Fauci ”and“ Asking Fauci to Resign! “as well as the hashtag #FireFauci.

Meanwhile, Dr Fauci recently revealed that security around him has become more stringent, particularly in the wake of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and his recently released private emails. The independent reported that during a conversation on “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan”, Dr Fauci admitted that on his first return to New York since the start of the pandemic, security didn’t even let him down the window while they were driving in the city. implying the level of security provided by the Biden administration.

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