Q-CTRL secures funding to expand its remote sensing technology

Professor Michael Biercuk, quantum physicist at the University of Sydney and CEO of Q-CTRL.

Q-CTRL was established in 2017 by Professor Michael Biercuk, director of the School of Physics’ Quantum control laboratory, based at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub.

The company provides solutions for the quantum technology industry to improve the stability of quantum hardware. Its ability to characterize and control quantum errors in quantum computers has led to the development of unique quantum-scale detection technology with up to 500-fold improvements in performance in real environments.

This technology will enable the company to play an important role in Australia’s growing space industry by producing remote sensing payloads in space deployments.

“This Modern Manufacturing Initiative project is a prime example of how the Q-CTRL team translates decades of science into a valuable enterprise, focused on creating the world’s most advanced remote sensing technology.” said Professor Michael Biercuk, University of Sydney. quantum physicist and CEO of Q-CTRL.

“We are delighted to begin building a new type of improved quantum sensor for magnetic fields compatible with operation in space.

“It will give us a new look at Earth to directly improve mining productivity and give defense a whole new tool for gathering geospatial intelligence.”

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