Recovering U.S. Higher Education: Idaho Cuts Social Justice Universities

NOTICE: Starving universities with public funds is the only way to hold back a social justice university and force activists to find careers outside of higher education

This session, the Conservatives in the Idaho legislature sent a clear message: No public funds will be used for state-sanctioned racism and sexism in higher education institutions.

Today, American higher education is facing an acute crisis. Universities have abandoned the unique mission of unhindered dedication to the search for truth and replaced it with social justice.

The radical, illiberal, and anti-American ideology of social justice combines a toxic mixture of intersectionality, critical race theory, neo-Marxism, and pseudo-science.

Many Americans are rightly concerned about this problem. We at the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Center for the American Way of Life at the Claremont Institute are doing something about it.

Idaho lawmakers were made aware of the disappearance of higher education through two reports, co-authored by Dr Scott Yenor of the Claremont Institute and me, on the University of Idaho and the State of Boise. These reports showed that public universities in Idaho, like virtually all American colleges and universities, have abandoned educational excellence in favor of the social justice agenda.

This indoctrination has been infused into administration, hiring, curriculum, and residence life on college campuses.

The examples are instructive. Bias incident response teams are present on the UI and BSU campuses. These teams function as a secret police for social justice educators by strengthening the “inclusive” environment that activists want to create. Professors must undergo training in implicit bias and diversity to sit on research committees at both universities. Such practices ensure that new recruits adhere to the dominant ideological goals of the university. The dogma of social justice is also incorporated into compulsory general education courses at both universities.

In a BSU general education course, a social work teacher taught what he called the “strong point of view” that “white people should be slaves.” BSU social justice fanatics even harassed a small business off campus for supporting the police.

This misuse of public funds for social justice activism is a betrayal of public trust and deprives students of an education that cultivates their minds by forcing them to adhere to ideological dogma.

Idaho’s higher education institution has refused for years to reverse this politically malicious agenda. Armed with evidence and political solutions in these reports, Legislative Conservatives decided that public funds would no longer be used to subsidize political activists hijacking Idaho’s higher education institutions.

The House of Representatives decisively rejected (13-57) Senate Bill 1179, which would have imposed a minor tax cut on public universities in Idaho as a result of their social justice agenda. In its place, the legislature passed a bill cutting an additional $ 2.5 million from university budgets as punishment for abusing public funds for social justice activism.

At the same time, a bill prohibiting public universities from forcing students to adopt the principles of division of critical race theory and using public money to do so has become law.

Opponents of these legislative reforms have called for freedom of expression. But freedom of expression is an illusion without a diversity of opinions. The activists controlling the universities have no interest in negotiating with concerned citizens who rationally disagree with the orthodoxy of social justice.

Administrative bodies, such as bias response teams, are set up at social justice universities to deliberately punish any student or faculty member who disagrees. Social justice advocates are calling names, calling unwanted speech violence, claiming civility is complicity, demanding safe spaces, engaging in bullying tactics known as canceling culture, and using “inclusion” policies to silence points of view with which they do not agree.

These tyrannical methods stifle free speech and even free thought on college campuses.

Social justice activists will continue to use public funds to silence anyone who hinders their transformation agenda. Starving universities with public money is the only way to reign in a university of social justice and to force activists to find careers outside of higher education.

The response from the citizens of Idaho in our efforts to tackle state-sanctioned racism and sexism in public universities has been tremendous. They thirst for information that equips them to fight this ideology and is the engine that motivates lawmakers to act.

Our vision is to expand this reform state by state until we cover the whole country.

The Conservatives in the Idaho legislature were right to restrict public funding for this pernicious ideology dominating higher education. Social justice activists will have to impose this tyranny elsewhere, this is no longer welcome in Idaho.

Do you want to invite us to help your state achieve victory?

Anna Miller is an education policy analyst at the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Follow her on Twitter at @AnnaKate_Miller.

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