Robert Pattinson hid his southern accent from the director of The Devil All the Time until the first day of filming | London Evening Standard

Robert Pattinson is virtually unrecognizable from his Twilight days in his new Netflix movie The Devil All The Time, playing a priest sexually attracted to young girls in the psychological thriller. Set in the American Midwest after WWII, Pattinson’s sharp Southern accent is central to his bizarre performance as Preston Teagardin – but he hid director Antonio Campos’ accent until day one of filming.

Although Pattinson was offered help to develop his Southern accent, Campos explained that it was “impossible to get coaching in dialect”.

Speaking to Insider, he said: “He I just didn’t want to do it. He was just adamant about finding out for himself. He said, “I’m going to do this thing and this thing, with a little of that.”

Robert Pattinson as Teagardin in The Devil All The Time / Netflix

Pattinson’s other co-stars, who include Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgard and more, worked closely with a dialect trainer and would send Campos recordings of their progress. In contrast, Campos only heard the accent of Pattinson and his “character in person” on his very first day of filming with Elizabeth Scanlen.

While it could have been a huge gamble, Campos explained that he wasn’t worried. He continued, “There was no way in my mind that he wasn’t going to come onto set with something bad. I might not have dug it, but it wasn’t going to be bad.

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“I’d rather someone come up with something weird that is a choice than something that isn’t thought of.” So I knew he would come with something interesting, ”he said.

Campos and Pattinson were friends before the movie and once the script was ready Campos shared the project with Pattinson – asking him who he wanted to play. Pattinson was immediately drawn to Teagardin, and Campos recalled that the actor said he “would be fun to play”.

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman / Warner Bros.

Besides his role in the Campos movie, Pattinson is currently playing Bruce Wayne in an upcoming Batman reboot alongside Zoe Kravitz. Filming on the project was halted, however, because Pattinson tested positive for the coronavirus, but has since resumed filming according to a spokesperson for Warner Bros. yesterday.

The Devil All the Time is currently streaming on Netflix.

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