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Entrance to school buildings in the city of Tullahoma will soon be more secure, following a vote by the Tullahoma school board.

Over the past two months, the school board has approved measures to ensure safer access to school buildings. In October, the board approved 25% matching funding for a Tennessee State Safer Schools grant that would improve security of access to the building at Tullahoma High School and East Middle School, as well as as the “head end” materials needed to operate the building. access control software. The total cost of the project in October, including the 75% match funded by the grant, was $ 133,705.56. The project will be carried out by Systems Integration, a Lebanese company specializing in providing security solutions for businesses, school systems and more.

Building access control, according to sales manager Jason Ray, is access to doors “at its basic level.”

“Access is controlled by software in a badge, working with the mechanisms of that door to allow that door to function,” he said.

The majority of the cost of the project financed by the grant involves the establishment of the Tullahoma high school with access control to the building. HRT alone costs $ 97,654.64; East Middle is significantly cheaper at just $ 28,889.90. The remaining $ 7,161.02 is from the “head end” hardware needed to configure the software in multiple locations.

This month, the school district added other school buildings to the list, including West Middle School, East Lincoln Elementary School, Robert E. Lee Elementary School, Community and School Services Building ( Old West), the maintenance office and the central office. Adding these seven buildings to the larger project added $ 151,275.88 to the total. These additions will be funded by general purpose funds rather than grants, Ray added.

Of that, the lion’s share comes from the Wild West, with a price tag of $ 37,856.78, closely followed by West Middle at $ 32,472.36, East Lincoln at $ 26,526.85, Lee at 22,014, $ 32 and Bel-Aire at $ 19,097.42.

The maintenance facility and central office arrive with the lowest prices at $ 6,626.14 and $ 6,782.01, respectively.

Asked about a possible timeline for all buildings to receive updated entry security, Ray said the company is waiting for some components to arrive.

“It sounds like a familiar response,” he said. “They said as soon as these pieces arrived they would contact the planning.”

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