University of Nebraska at Kearney wants to eliminate major in philosophy | Education

Drozda first took a philosophy course in the first year. He was so intrigued by the course that he took another and decided to integrate a minor. As he became more involved in the program, he chose to make philosophy one of his majors.

Drozda was unaware that the program was in jeopardy until this fall.

“I didn’t know it was on a strict schedule like it was, otherwise I would have done something more before now,” he said. “I feel like as a student it was being kept a secret.”

Undergraduate students at UNK are required to complete a minimum of three hours of humanities classes. There are currently 38 courses listed, five of which are Philosophy. Drozda believes that there is a bias against philosophy and that students often do not attend classes because they are told they are too difficult or intense.

Drozda sent the results of the petition to the University of Nebraska board members ahead of Thanksgiving, and he didn’t receive a response to his email until after the board meeting on December 5. . Drozda hoped the board would see the value of the program.

“The main point of philosophy is learning to argue, to think, which can be applied anywhere, whether you are a parent, working in an office, etc. The philosophy is applicable everywhere, ”said Drozda.

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