Wake County public school system workers could get another bonus check

Employees of the Wake County public school system could receive another pay hike.

The school board is preparing to consider another bonus of $ 3,750 next week.

This is in addition to the $ 1,250 bonus approved this month.

District leaders will recommend that the three additional bonus payments be made in January, May and November 2022.

The source is one-time federal funding.

Some Wake County school bus drivers fail to show up again in ongoing pay dispute

“I’m there for my students so they can be successful,” said Daniel Grant-King, teaching assistant at South Garner High School. “That’s why I keep coming back.”

He works specifically with students with special needs, but he has been called upon much more in the past 18 months. He also received no compensation for these additional responsibilities.

“At one point a lot of people leave,” Daniel said. “I see that every day now, in special education alone, there are something like 300 positions left.”

The North Carolina Association of Educators said bonuses are a start, but it’s time to focus on base pay and get each employee up to $ 17 an hour. They also want bus drivers and teachers to be paid for the extra shifts they cover.

“I think as we know the working conditions for teachers have been terrible since before COVID,” said Stacy Elezcko, who has worked with Wake County for 15 years.

She is now an education coach for East Garner Middle School, but said she had to replace the vacant receptionist position.

“We are just losing people at all levels and the least we can do is compensate people for the extra work they have had to do,” Elezcko said. “We will all do what we need to do because it will benefit our children.”

There will also be talks about base pay and getting minimum wage up to $ 15 an hour for all employees, but no action is expected on this until December.

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