Youngstown tech start-up Spinwheel secures $ 11 million in funding to find remote workers

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Recently, the Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI) announced that one of its startups received $ 11 million in funding.

The company is creating a platform that will help people manage their debt, namely student debt.

Spinwheel is the debt management platform. They can’t get rid of your student debt for you, but they can help you see the big picture.

“You can make payments for all your loans in one place rather than going to each individual service provider. And the bottom line is that it allows you to look at your debt as a whole, ”said Corey Patrick, YBI Marketing Director.

The co-founders of Spinwheel saw how negatively student debt affects people, and this is their way of reducing it. The biggest draw to their app is how easy it is for users.

But why did two business partners living in the California Bay Area choose Youngstown and northeastern Ohio to grow?

“For us, investing in Northeast Ohio is great because it was a big part of our start-up. We also see that this is sort of an untapped area, ”said Tomas Campos, co-founder of Spinwheel.

Not only that, but Youngstown is located near three universities, one of which is Youngstown State University.

“Because they are affiliated with a university, a lot of these resources are actually students or recent graduates and so for us that was an added benefit because now we have been able to work with people who are our target audience.” said Tushar Vaish, Spinwheel. co-founder.

As part of the $ 11 million they got from investors, they have to hire a lot.

“They are determined to build their team in Northeast Ohio. They need everything. They need customer support. They need product managers. They need marketing, software developers. I mean, there are a lot of opportunities available, ”said Patrick.

If you are interested in a job at Spinwheel, the positions are remote. Applications are accepted online.

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